Our Doctors

All DFW Vascular Surgeons are Board Certified


  • Samuel Ahn, MD, FACS
    Samuel Ahn, MD, FACS

    Dr. Ahn is a board certified vascular surgeon and attending surgeon at the Methodist Dallas Medical Center in Dallas, TX…

  • Joseph Caruso, MD
    Joseph Caruso, MD

    Dr. Caruso graduated from The State University of New York Health Science Center and completed his fellowship at the University…

  • Robert Feldtman, MD, FACS
    Robert Feldtman, MD, FACS

    Dr. Feldtman is board-certified in Vascular Surgery, and in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.  He is Chairman of the Endovascular Committee,…

  • Craig Ferrara, DO, FACS
    Craig Ferrara, DO, FACS

    Dr. Ferrara completed his Vascular Surgery Fellowship in 2005. Prior to joining DFW Vascular, he was an Assistant Professor at…

  • William Peper, MD
    William Peper, MD

    Dr. Peper is an experienced surgeon, certified by the American Board of Thoracic Surgery. He has spent his entire career…

  • Pablo Uceda, MD
    Pablo Uceda, MD

    Dr. Pablo Uceda has practiced vascular surgery since 1994 and obtained his Board Certification from the American Board of Surgery…