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Length of Exposure to High Cholesterol in Young Adulthood May Increase Later Risk For Heart Disease

A new study published in Circulation suggests that length of exposure to high cholesterol should be considered as an additional risk factor for Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). Young adults who had moderately elevated non-HDL cholesterol for prolonged periods, at levels that do not qualify for statin treatment criteria, were more likely than their peers who were exposed to shorter periods of elevated non-HDL cholesterol levels to have CHD in later life. The length of exposure to high cholesterol, and not just the level of high cholesterol, increases the risk of developing CHD. This study suggests the importance of controlling cholesterol level even for young adults.


June 10-16 is National Men’s Health Week

Mens Health Week 2

The purpose of Men’s Health Week is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.

DFW Vascular is recognizing Men’s Health Week by calling attention to the scores of men who may have peripheral artery disease (PAD) and not even know it. PAD is a clinical condition caused by a lack of blood flow to the extremities, and most commonly affects the legs. Symptoms can include lower extremity pain, numbness and tingling, and even ulcers that do not heal normally. Patients at risk for PAD are also at increased risk for heart disease, stroke, and erectile dysfunction (ED).

Men at high risk for PAD are typically over 50, diabetic, smokers, and have a history of high blood pressure. While PAD is very serious and can lead to loss of a limb or death, treatment can straightforward. The vascular surgeons at DFW Vascular have developed RESTORE, an innovative procedure that treats PAD with an office-based procedure that allows the majority of patients to go home the same day, avoiding a lengthy and involved bypass procedure.

Celebrate Men’s Health Week by calling DFW Vascular and get screened for PAD.